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Hinge definition is - a jointed or flexible device on which a door, lid, or other swinging part turns. How to use hinge in a sentence. c : a small piece of thin gummed paper used in fastening a postage stamp in an album. 2 : a determining factor : turning point. hinged hinging. Definition of hinge Entry 2 of 2. intransitive verb. 1 : to swing on or as if on a hinge These thoughtful amenities include an outdoor patio TV that hinges outward toward the pool -. hinge 1a. In the meaning defined above. More Example Sentences. Learn More about hinge. Keep scrolling for more. Synonyms for hinge. Meaning of hinge in English. Your browser doesn't support HTML5 audio. hɪndʒ us. Hinge-bending motion and the substrate-induced conformational transition studied by site-directed spin labeling. From the Cambridge English Corpus. These critical trajectories approach at zero angle and from the side opposite the approach of the hinge points. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. In philately, stamp hinges, or mounts, are small, folded, transparent, rectangular pieces of paper coated with a mild gum. They are used by stamp collectors to affix postage stamps onto the pages of a stamp album. The short end is moistened and affixed to the stamp, the long end is likewise affixed to the page. The hinge keeps the stamp on the page while still allowing it to be lifted to examine the back, for instance to see the watermark or expert marks. Collectors categorise their stamps as follows. Hinge definition: A hinge is a piece of metal, wood, or plastic that is used to join a door to its frame or. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. A hinge is a piece of metal, wood, or plastic that is used to join a door to its frame or to join two things together so that one of them can swing freely. The top swung open on well-oiled hinges. Phrasal verbs: See hinge on. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. Copyright HarperCollins Publishers. Video: pronunciation of. You may also like. Video shows what hinge means. A jointed or flexible device that allows the pivoting of a door etc. See also pintel. A stamp hinge, a folded and gummed paper rectangle for affixing postage stamps in an need to hinge me with your friend Julie. She's a fox. by pacovercucco May 23, 2012. A word meaning Let's get out of here. It originates from its reference to hinges on a door, implying that one will swing the door open and leave. This joint sucks. A person who is prone to subscribing to both magazines, ergo, someone who has bisexual tendencies. Can be used for a male bisexual or a female bisexual. Meaning and Definition of hinge. Synonyms, Antonyms, Derived Terms, Anagrams and senses of is the meaning of stamp hinge How do you use stamp hinge in a sentence What are synonyms for stamp hinge. Use stamp hinges only on used stamps, or stamps that have already been mounted this way in an album before. You may want to use stamp hinges, small adhesive corners to use to apply your stamps into catalogs or albums. Still very popular the traditional stamp hinge should only be affixed to used stamps. Subway has everything a stamp collector might need from stamp hinges to the highest quality deluxe hingeless albums. Good stamp hinges are peelable when completely dry and they are made of acid-free paper. An album cover is almost as important as the music contained on the record or CD within. A great piece of album art can tie an album together, give listeners something to cool to look at while they groove to the tunes, or provide clues about the inspirations behind the music. or just be an obtuse series of nonsensical, random images. Here are some famous album covers in which there's far more than meets the eye, which is to say they actually do have a point. Mumford and Sons - Babel 2012. Hinge definition, a jointed device or flexible piece on which a door, gate, shutter, lid, or other attached part turns, swings, or moves. verb used without object, hinged, hinging. to be dependent or contingent on, or as if on, a hinge usually followed by on or upon: Everything hinges on his decision. verb used with object, hinged, hinging. to furnish with or attach by a hinge or hinges. to attach as if by a hinge. to make or consider as dependent upon predicate: He hinged his action on future sales


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